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200 hour teacher training

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3 – 4 February

9 – 10 March

20 – 21 April

25 – 26 May

22 – 23 June

13 – 14 July

27 – 28 July

7 – 8 September

28 – 29 September

19  – 20 October



This globally recognised qualification is led by me, Nikki Cassap, with over 20 years in the industry and with 600 hours of attended teacher trainings . This diploma will give the student the ability, confidence and knowledge teach anywhere around the world, to sequence classes in a fun, creative and dynamic way that is individual to them.

Affiliated with Yoga Alliance International & Yoga Alliance Professionals, the student will have insurance cover and membership to help them get started on this life changing journey throughout the course, which will also be there to support them as they make their way to being a yoga teacher.

With over 200 contact hours and mentoring throughout, you will have a truly personal teacher training experience on your teacher training journey, here in Devon.





£500 non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your space

Deposit payment details:

n cassap

yoga vida






EXETER, DEVON some course content will be delivered online

2024 YTT

The course has grown from strength to strength from 2022 and I am so excited for the future of my yoga courses. I want to continually grow and expand the dynamic learning of this YTT,  to certify enthusiastic, gifted teachers who will go out into the world and share their knowledge and love of yoga to all.

The course modules will consist of:

Learning the 8 groups of asana; how to teach, sanskrit, benefits, modification, progressions, contraindications

Pranayama, mudra, kriya, bandha techniques, methods and benefits

Students will learn a variety of chants

Yoga history and philosophy included in sacred yogic texts

Anatomy and physiology of yoga

Sequencing in classes, being a yoga teacher and the business of yoga

Approximately 200 hours of teacher student contact, mentoring throughout and support after qualification

At the end of the course the newly qualified teachers will be able to teach hatha yoga & vinyasa flow yoga classes in creative, fun, safe and practical way. They will be able to use their knowledge of pranayama, mudra, chants and meditation to teach individual classes of any of the above so they have a wide repertoire of yoga class offerings.

They will have the confidence to design their own sequences in asana and be creative in their style of class.



Students attending YogaVida YTT should have minimum 2 years practise experience. If this is not the case please book onto Yoga Vida intensive practise immersion, to make sure you are prepared for the course start date.
All students booked onto the YTT will attend a class with Nikki Cassap as part of their pre assessment to the course.

£500 non-refundable deposit to be paid to secure your place.
Total monies of the course to be paid by the start of the YTT.
Payment breakdown is available for anyone who needs it.
Yoga Vida reserves the right to refuse a place to students who have not paid their deposit or full fees by the required dates.

Fees include
Training and assessment by a qualified Yoga Alliance Professionals Senior Yoga Teacher
Manual/Course paperwork
Teas and snacks throughout the weekends

Fees not included
Yoga books
Costs of travel, accommodation or food

Refund Policy
If a student leaves the course early they will have the opportunity to re-book for the following year.
In extenuating circumstances such as exceptional, short-term events which are outside of a student’s control and have a negative impact upon their ability to prepare for or continue with the YTT, then a refund will be given dependant on how far through the course we are.
A student will need to hand their notice in writing to Yoga Vida with evidence if needed or required of reason for leaving the course.

Cancellation of course
This will only happen in extenuating circumstances, such as covid lockdown that can’t be continued on line.
In any eventuality cancellation will be given as much notice as possible to students

During the course
100% attendance is recommended but 80% could be allowed for mitigating circumstances
A daily practise and weekly yoga journal is required for the time of the course. This will be discussed in more detail at the start of the course.

Complaints procedure
Any complaints will be dealt with as follows
Stage 1 – an informal chat on the day
Stage 2 – written complaint – discussion between parties will be recorded and attempt to resolved in a week

As a student on Yoga Vida YTT, your contact details (name, email and phone) will be presented to Yoga Alliance Professionals (YAP). This will ensure the student has all useful information throughout the YTT, option for trainee insurance to be able to teach and after graduation be offered to become a member and be insured through YAP.

Code of Conduct

This code of conduct is a declaration of acceptable, ethical and professional behaviour. All students must comply with the requirements and failure to do so will result in disqualification from the YTT.

Conduct safe and effective teaching to the public
To maintain and uphold the traditions of yoga taught during the course and to disseminate these teachings to anyone, from any background who earnestly desires to follow these traditions
Conduct yourself in a professional and conscientious manner
Seek guidance if I am unable to give correct advise, information or practise
Encourage diversity by respecting all students regardless of age, physical limitations, race, creed, gender, ethnicity, religion affiliation or sexual orientation
Respect the rights, dignity and privacy of all students
Follow all laws that pertain to yoga teaching and business